About Me

If you’re looking for SEO help for your nonprofit, it means you need two things:

1) An expert. Someone with a strong track record and a history of thought leadership. An SEO who has helped dozens of clients, and a content writer whose work has been featured in real outlets.

2) A true believer. Someone who cares about your organization’s success as deeply as you do. Someone who’s in this for the right reasons, and who takes the outcome of every project seriously.

I’m your man.

After 6 years at a top SEO agency, I left to make Julian Nonprofit SEO because I felt that God was calling me to do some real good in the world. In my agency tenure I rose through the ranks to become SEO Manager, and helped everyone from home builders to weight loss surgeons to education clients. 

I’m a content marketer at heart, but I marry my passion for content with a deep understanding of the technical side of SEO. I have a Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager certification, an HTML and CSS certification and I’ve built multiple websites (including writing custom media breakpoints on a site because I didn’t like the out-of-the-box responsiveness…that was a lot of CSS).

My writing’s been featured in The American Conservative; National Review; and the textbook anthology World Peace alongside 22 other authors, including Barack Obama and The Dalai Lama. I’ve written medically-accurate pages for a bariatric surgeon, and wrote landing pages in the corporate world that generated 7 figures in revenue.

I’m not in this for the money. I’m in it because I’m looking to use my skillset to advance God’s mission for the world. I do nonprofit SEO and content marketing because I like holding my head up high, and I like going to bed every night proud of the people I helped. 

If we work together, I’ll serve you with integrity, passion, and the absolute best of my skills. Because otherwise, what’s the point?

If you’d like to chat more, feel free to get in touch.