SEO Consulting For Nonprofits

Advanced SEO and Content Marketing to help your nonprofit reach more people.

You know SEO is important. But your marketing budget’s already stretched tight across too many channels, and you don’t want to invest in an SEO consultant (or agency) who might not be the real deal.

Because, odds are, you’ve been burned before. Some SEOs are amazing, and a well-executed SEO strategy can thrill your board of directors by paying for itself a few times over. But some SEOs will just take your money and run. Or spend months not delivering any value, while you spin your wheels and wonder what on Earth they’re doing with your money.

About Me

I’m Julian. After 6 years at a top SEO agency, I left to make Julian Nonprofit SEO because I felt that God was calling me to do some real good in the world.

I’m not in this for the money. I’m in it because I like holding my head up high, and I like going to bed every night proud of the people I helped. If we work together, I’ll serve you with integrity, passion, and the absolute best of my skills. Because otherwise, what’s the point?


SEO Consulting

I know SEO inside and out, and I care deeply about my clients’ success. If we work together, we’ll talk technical SEO, link-building, user experience and core web vitals, and of course content marketing. I’ll help you build out an SEO content strategy that combines TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU content to expand your organization’s reach and turn interested users into donors.

SEO Content Marketing

In SEO, content is king. I recommend that my clients generally publish 2-4 new pieces per month. But if your marketing staff’s already stretched tighter than an old drum, I can help.

I’ve written for sites like The American Conservative, National Review, and the textbook anthology World Peace alongside 22 other authors, including Barack Obama and The Dalai Lama. I’ve written medically-accurate pages for a bariatric surgeon, and wrote landing pages in the corporate world that generated 7 figures in revenue.

My Process

Discovery Call

I don’t start with hard sells or shiny SEO “packages”. We’ll meet over zoom for a short conversation where we’ll discuss your goals, your constraints, and what you’ve tried already. At this stage I mostly ask questions, because I want to make sure that the SEO strategy I build out serves you.

And if SEO isn’t a good fit for you, this is the stage where I’ll give it to you straight. I don’t take on clients unless I believe I can help them.

SEO Strategy Call

After the discovery call, I’ll build out an SEO strategy for your organization. This will be custom, of course; I don’t do cookie-cutter. I’ll use paid SEO tools and do an in-depth analysis of your site, your goals, and your SEO opportunity; and put together a high-level SEO strategy that serves you. I’ll include key competitive research. On the strategy call, we’ll review it and discuss next steps.

Project Implementation

If you want to take the SEO strategy I built for your organization and handle it internally, great. If you want to hire me to flesh it out and implement, that works too. I want you to succeed, and that’s true regardless of whether or not we work together. 

If you do hire me, I have a lot of experience executing complex and boutique SEO strategies. I like to move fast and in the right direction, so we can show your board of directors some big wins.

What People Say

Contact Me

Are you interested in how SEO can expand your organization’s reach and generate enough donations to pay for itself a few times over? Let’s hop on a call and I’ll give you my thoughts.